Issues With Hotmail

From time to time many Hotmail subscribers report missing their Corgi-L emails. There are a few steps you might take to help.

What we’ve learned so far is that subscribers on Digest (the periodic emailed compilation of multiple Corgi-L messages) seem to be most affected. Folks who are receiving Corgi-L as individual messages on Hotmail don’t seem to have a problem as often.

The problem does seem to come and go — some digests make it through, others do not. It gets better for a while, then it gets worse again. Since this comes and goes we can only assume that Hotmail makes changes to their spam filtering techniques.

We’re not currently aware of a solution, though we have heard that adding Corgi-L to your “safe list” may help:

  • Login to Hotmail, go to your Inbox
  • Click on “Options” at the top right of you screen.
  • Click on “junk e-mail protection”
  • You will see both “Safe List” and “Mailing List”. Click on each of those in turn, and add the Corgi-L addresses to both lists.

The addresses to enter are:


(Remember to replace “<at>” with “@” – publishing the actual email address here on the web would result in more spam being sent to it.)

Because it seems to come and go, we can only assume that Hotmail continues to work on their spam filters. Hopefully they will improve to the point that legitimate mail that you’ve requested, such as Corgi-L, will be reliably delivered.

So, what do you do now to continue to receive your Corgi-L?

If you already have a password, you can go read us on the archives. You can read and reply to messages on the site, and search, too. However, you must ALREADY have set yourself a password, as we cannot set one for you. If your ISP is blocking email from the listserv, then they’ll block any email from the server confirming your password application. 🙁

If you do not have a Listserv password, our suggestion is that you get yourself a (different) free web-based email address, and then subscribe to Corgi-L with that address. Our suggestions include GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or Excite (whichever one you are NOT currently having a problem with, of course).

Subscription instructions can be found at here.

Once you have your webmail address, you can:

  • Login to the archives with that address
  • Receive Corgi-L on that address, changing your subscription options as you like (Digest or Individual mails or whatever)
  • If the service supports it, you could even forward your Corgi-L mail from that address to your Hotmail or other email account (assuming it doesn’t get spam-filtered).

If and when Hotmail or your ISP stops blocking us, you can sign off the second address or you can set it to Nomail and save it in reserve to get you out of future problems.

For everyone, Hotmail or not, here’s an article that discusses the more general problem of not getting the email you’ve signed up for, and has several steps to take if you suspect a problem: Why am I Not Getting the Email I Signed Up For?. It also includes important things not to do, like use a “This is Spam” button on Corgi-L mail.

This article, Why is my mail to Hotmail (or AOL, Yahoo, etc.) subscribers not being delivered? looks at the same issue from the perspective of the email publisher (i.e. – us, your Admins and the folks hosting our mailing list at TAMU).

The Admin Team is happy that you are sticking with us and appreciate your patience. Sadly this problem seems to happen more often of late, and we understand the frustration you might feel. Heck, we feel it ourselves.

Please let us know if you need more info, or help – corgi-ad <at>

Your Corgi-L Admin Team