Sharing Posts to Facebook

Attachment Unavailable

The dreaded “attachment unavailable”, in Facebook.

Important: If you want to share something that’s already on Facebook to the Corgi-L group on Facebook, it’s important that the “audience” for that original post be public. You can tell by the globe that appears as part of the original posts header:


If that is anything else, then your share of that post to Corgi-L may not display properly. Common alternative icons include a silhouette of people, or a gear.

A globe means that the original post is public and can be seen by anyone. Anything else means that the original poster has specified that their post should be shared only with certain people. (Typically only their friends.) If you can share it at all, your share will still be restricted to the original author’s limits.

An example:

  • I post a photo, and set the audience to only my friends.
  • You are my friend and see my post.
  • You share my post. You may even mark it as public, or only to your friends.
  • Your share can still only be seen by my friends – in fact only the friends you and I have in common.

I believe this also leads to “attachment unavailable” — an original share to a limited audience that is then re-shared to a larger audience that does not have permission to view the item.

This all applies if you’re sharing a post that already on Facebook to the Corgi-L group. (I do this often: post to my own timeline, and then, separately, share that same post to Corgi-L so that both my friends  and everyone in the group might see it.)  If you make an original post to the group then there should be no problem.

The solution

If someone has shared something with a limited audience — say only their friends — you can’t share it beyond that audience. The only legitimate way to share the post is to first ask the original poster to make the post public.

Attachment Unavailable and Moderation

The Corgi-L moderators will not approve posts that include “Attachment Unavailable”. Since we’re unlikely to be direct friends on Facebook, we also may not be able to PM (private message) you that this has happened, or you may not see that PM.

If you post something and it’s not approved within 24 hours, check your message boxes (we’ll often try to contact you about it) or please check the settings on the post you’re trying to share. Unfortunately any message from us will probably go to your less visible “other” Facebook message box.