Why am I not getting Corgi-L?

If you’ve properly signed up for Corgi-L, and particularly if you have gotten Corgi-L in the past, the single biggest reason for it not showing up is spam.

Or rather, the measures used to stop spam.

Many ISPs are using very aggressive tactics to try to reduce the amount of spam that makes it through and into your inbox, and sometimes that means that the email you actually want doesn’t make it through either. Corgi-L sometimes falls into that category.

Good ISPs will let you control things or will respond to your complaints of missing email. Bad ones, of course, will not.

There are a few things you can do, in general:

  • Add the Corgi-L email addresses to your spam filter’s “whitelist”, “safe list”, “safe senders”, “trusted senders” or equivalent list. Exactly how you do this will vary on which email service and email program you use. It’s typically in the privacy, security or junk email settings.
  • Add the Corgi-L email addresses to your address book or contact list. Many email programs and services use this as an indication that these addresses are valid sources of legitimate email.
  • Never, ever, use the “Report as Spam” or “Junk Email” button on email from Corgi-L. Doing so tells the email provider that you didn’t request the email, whereas since you signed up for it, you did. If you want to stop getting Corgi-L, please simply “sign off” or unsubscribe.

The Corgi-L email addresses that you should whitelist or add to your contacts/address book are: