How Do I Access the Corgi-L Archive?

All messages sent to Corgi-L are archived on our listserv, and accessible to anyone currently subscribed to Corgi-L.

The Corgi-L archives are located at

Only Corgi-L subscribers may access the archives.

Setting a Password

The first time you visit the archives, you will need to enter and confirm a listserv password. You must use your Corgi-L subscription address to confirm your password. Your password can be saved in your computer as a cookie so that you don’t have to remember it on subsequent visits.

Setting a New Password

If you change your email address or subscription information, or you forget your old password you will have to get a new password:


You can either read the archives by date, or search them for posts by particular authors or on particular topics. If you choose the “Search Archives” option, complete instructions are included on the search page.


Once you have found the posts you want, you can make a copy for your own reference, either by using your own computer’s copy function, or by sending a message to with the command GETPOST plus the number of the post from the archives.

Remember that all Corgi-L posts are copyright by the original author. Subscribers may file a copy for their own reference, but may not forward a post to anyone else, quote a post in an article or book, or make any other use of the post without written permission of the original author.