Finding a Cardigan Breeder

How do you go about finding a reputable breeder? What exactly IS a reputable breeder? And why does finding a reputable breeder matter if you are “just looking for a pet”?

So, you want a Cardigan Welsh Corgi! Assuming you have researched thoroughly and decided that a Cardigan Corgi is the right breed for you, your next step is to find a breeder. How do you go about finding a reputable breeder? What exactly IS a reputable breeder? And why does finding a reputable breeder matter if you are “just looking for a pet”?

Let’s take those questions in reverse order. First, why is it important to find a reputable breeder and buy a quality-bred Corgi? A puppy is a long-term investment, with a life expectancy of 11-16 years. Ideally those years will be as healthy and worry-free for you and your Corgi as possible.

But healthy, happy, long-lived dogs don’t happen by accident. They are the result of evaluating breeding stock for quality, screening for temperament and genetic defects, and raising puppies in optimal conditions with quality food, socialization, and medical attention. Buying a puppy from a knowledgeable, committed breeder can avoid years of frustration and heartache. You should never buy a puppy from a pet store, dog broker, or newspaper advertisement!

Reputable breeders breed dogs, not for money, but for love of their breed and the furthering of specific breeding goals. They are knowledgeable about correct structure, pedigrees, genetic problems, health concerns, grooming, socialization, and training. They know that raising puppies right costs more money than can ever be recouped from a small hobby breeding program, and most important, they care about every puppy they raise.

This caring starts with early socialization and health care, and continues with the careful screening of potential homes for each puppy. A good breeder follows up by being available to answer questions from the new owners during the years that follow. Good breeders are committed to every puppy they breed for the lifetime of that puppy — which includes taking the puppy back if you are ever unable to keep your Corgi. These and many other points are covered in the CWCCA Code of Ethics to which all parent and regional club members must subscribe.

So, how do you find a reputable breeder? We recommend that you start attending dog shows, performance trials, and other events sponsored by your regional Corgi club — specialty shows, matches, herding or obedience trials, informational and social events. Get to know the breeders in your area, and find one or more whose dogs, goals, and ethics appeal to you.

Finding a puppy on the internet has its pros and cons. If you live in a remote area or are looking for a puppy for a particular purpose, such as herding or performance, the internet may allow you to widen your search beyond what is locally available. However, remember that the Internet is a big place, and that your online impressions of a breeder should always be substantiated by references, research, and personal contact. Caveat emptor!

The CWCCA also has a state-by-state list of members which you can view on the web or print for later reference, and the regional clubs each have a Breeder Referral contact listed on their web sites.