Yahoo policies and Corgi-L unsubs

If you’ve been pointed at this post after being unsubscribed from Corgi-L: It wasn’t your fault. We believe we know why it happened, but it appears to be out of our hands. You can re-subscribe, HOWEVER I strongly suggest you switch to getting Corgi-L in DIGEST form. It wasn’t your fault. 🙂 We’re investigating what can be done … Read more

Why did my Corgi-L subscription options change?

Sometimes subscription settings get changed without you doing anything. Here’s why. Corgi-L has a team of administrators who work behind the scenes to keep the list flowing smoothly. Sometimes an individual account gives the computer that publishes Corgi-L lots of errors. In those cases, the administrators step in and either set the account to NOMAIL … Read more

Issues with AOL

From time to time AOL subscribers report missing their Corgi-L emails. There are a few steps you might take to help. AOL is causing our list management software to delete AOL Corgi-L subscribers. You may without warning get a notification that you’ve been unsubscribed, even though you’ve been receiving Corgi-L normally. Important: We have no control … Read more