The Nature of the List

  • Corgi-L is a list for corgi-Lovers, be they lovers of Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, or Corgi mixes. It provides, for people who choose to share their lives with a Corgi, helpful advice on the breeds, including sources of dogs, local clubs and events, Corgi rescue, behavior, health and nutrition, stories about subscribers dogs, an exchange of views, and occasional unbridled nonsense in the warm, friendly environment of friends united by the ownership or love of Corgis.
  • Corgi-L avoids, at all costs, abusive posting, flames, and flame wars. If you have beliefs that are contrary to those of another Corgi-L member, just keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and they don’t HAVE to agree with you! 😉 Disagreements that become personal, insulting or disruptive will be defined as flaming and the initiating party will be asked to stop. If the behavior does NOT stop, the person will be removed from Corgi-L. [At least until apologies and explanations are made to Corgi-L, the owners and the injured parties(s).]  Behavior of this nature ON OR OFF THIS LIST is not tolerated.
  • This is not a place to advertise or sell YOUR products or dogs. Absolutely no advertisements of litters available or dogs for sale will be approved. Rescue information and exchanges are always accepted. A brief product mention in your sig file will be allowed.
  • Corgi-L is a forgiving list, tolerating a modicum of chat outside of strictly Corgi-related matters. In general, please put an appropriate SUBJECT in your header so that people can read accordingly. Please do not abuse this list by posting messages that have NOTHING to do with Corgi-L subjects.
  • Corgi-L encourages friendly contact between individual subscribers, and reminds them to sign their names at the end of their messages! We have well over a thousand members, and putting your name at the end of your post helps your fellow Corgi-Lers get to know you.
  • Corgi-L must abide by the terms of service of our list provider:

Thanks, everyone. Let’s keep this list as it was meant to be…. an electronic version of the friendly “backyard fence.” 😉 If ever in doubt about a particular posting or poster, imagine that the face in front of the monitor at the other end is smiling…

Your friendly Corgi-L Admin Team