Who are the Moderators?

Corgi-L’s administrative team consists of list members who have volunteered to handle the technical and administrative end of managing a listserv list of this size. Their duties include handling error messages, managing our email service, setting list policy, resolving complaints and disputes, and moderating postings to the list.

When you send a question to


it is received by the entire administration team, and someone will get back to you shortly. Typically questions or simple issues are handled by the first available administrator. More complex issues are discussed and decided by the entire team.

When you send a post to Corgi-L all administrators are notified that there’s a message to be moderated.

As of January 2022, the administrators are:

  • Liz Myhre
  • Peggy Neumeier
  • Marcia Kennedy
  • Scooter Dowle
  • Leo Notenboom
  • Sheila Carter
  • Carolyn Cannon