Why am I seeing a “dmarc-request” email address for a Corgi-L member?

Earlier this year Yahoo! made a change to how they handle email. One unintended side-effect of that change was that a bunch of people on […]

About CorgiAid

CorgiAid is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to help Corgis — Cardigans, Pembrokes, and mixes — who are looking for their forever families to […]

Who are the Moderators?

Corgi-L’s administrative team consists of list members who have volunteered to handle the technical and administrative end of managing a listserv list of this size. […]

Why does the digest have these “=XX” things in it?

=XX (with various XX) shows up mostly in Corgi-L digests when the message author has a particular plain text setting. Unfortunately not all can change […]

Why does it take so long for my post to be approved?

Corgi-L is a moderated list. At any time there may be anywhere from as few as 2 or 3 moderators on duty to as many […]


“The Bridge”? “The Watching”? “FRAP”? “RHT”? Find out here. Bridge, The: see The Rainbow Bridge, below. BHT: Black Headed Tri-Color BTW: Internet Shorthand for “By The […]

Photo Gallery

The Corgi-L Photo Gallery has been retired. There are so many better alternatives these days to our own, old, clunky photo gallery, and when you […]