Cardigan Rescue

Rescue exists to provide a safety net for all Corgis — Corgis who lose their homes to divorce, moving, death of the owner, behavior problems, and any other myriad reason.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America’s website contains comprehensive Cardigan Corgi rescue information, including a state by state list of rescue volunteers, adoption guidelines and procedures, and adoption application. Look for the Cardigan Rescue link on the left side of the home page.

The CWCCA Rescue Committee provides foster homes, referral and placement services for purebred Cardigans in need of new homes. These rescue Cardigans are evaluated by experienced Cardi breeders for health, temperament and overall adoptability.

Potential adopters are asked to fill out adoption applications requests and, if accepted as adoptive homes, to sign adoption contracts covering neutering, standards of care, and for returning the dog to Cardigan rescue if the adoption doesn’t work out.

The Cardigan Rescue Committee asks all shelters, animal welfare groups, etc., who have or know of a Cardigan in need of rescue services to contact the regional rescue volunteer listed on the CWCCA web site under Cardigan Rescue ==> Rescue Volunteers.

Private Corgi Rescue Organizations

Forpaws Corgi and Corgi Mix Rescue (private)

Faery Tales Corgi Rescue of St. Louis (private)


CorgiAid is a nonprofit organization which helps extraordinary expenses for rescue Corgis — Cardigans, Pembrokes, and mixes — with special medical, transport, training or fostering needs. CorgiAid works with both club and private rescue.