Photo Gallery

The Corgi-L Photo Gallery has been retired.

There are so many better alternatives these days to our own, old, clunky photo gallery, and when you add to that the security & spam issues that we’ve been fighting since the day we set it up … well, it’s just time to retire the Corgi-L Photo Gallery.

All photos previously in the gallery have been moved to either a new Flickr account set up specifically to be an archive of the old gallery (there are no plans to open it up to new pictures at this time), or to individual owner’s own alternative online photo galleries.

The new Corgi-L Flickr archive is here: The Corgi-L Flickr Archive. Several albums that were moved elsewhere are included in the list below.

Gallery albums are preserved

Each of the albums in the old Corgi-L Gallery is now a “Set”, in Flickr. The list: