Why can’t I post e-cards to the list?

Unfortunately electronic greeting cards or e-cards are often abused all over the internet. Cards from legitimate e-cards are sometimes used to spam people directly, some […]

How Do I Send Pictures to the List?

Corgi-L is configured to reject attachments of any kind, including photos. Instead, we have our own on-line photo gallery you can use. The Corgi-L mailing […]

Why am I not getting Corgi-L?

If you’ve properly signed up for Corgi-L, and particularly if you have gotten Corgi-L in the past, the single biggest reason for it not showing […]

How Do I Access the Corgi-L Archive?

All messages sent to Corgi-L are archived on our listserv, and accessible to anyone currently subscribed to Corgi-L. The Corgi-L archives are located at http://listserv.tamu.edu/archives/corgi-l.html […]

How Do I Leave Corgi-L?

Leave or “Sign Off” Corgi-L to stop getting Corgi-L emails. Address an e-mail to listserv<at>listserv.tamu.edu Leave the subject line blank or put in a period. […]

How Do I Post a Message to Corgi-L?

Send out your message to all the members of the list. Posting a message to Corgi-L means that your message will be sent toeveryone who has […]

How Do Change My Corgi-L Email Address?

Instructions to change the email address on which you receive Corgi-L. Using your old email address, address an e-mail to listserv<at>listserv.tamu.edu Leave the subject line blank (if […]

How Do I Subscribe To Corgi-L?

Instructions to sign up to receive Corgi-L in your email. Address an e-mail to listserv<at>listserv.tamu.edu Make sure that the message is in plain text (not HTML […]