Why can’t I post e-cards to the list?

Unfortunately electronic greeting cards or e-cards are often abused all over the internet. Cards from legitimate e-cards are sometimes used to spam people directly, some e-card services harvest the email addresses that they’re given to spam later, and of course less-than-reputable e-card vendors will spam or even go so far as to include malware (viruses … Read more

How Do I Send Pictures to the List?

Stay tuned for a possible update in this area. For now we recommend that you upload your photo to a photo sharing site or service such as Flickr, Picasa or many, many others, and then include links to your photos  in your message to Corgi-L.

How Do I Access the Corgi-L Archive?

All messages sent to Corgi-L are archived on groups.io, and accessible to anyone currently subscribed to Corgi-L. The Corgi-L archives are located at https://corgil.groups.io/g/list/topics Only Corgi-L subscribers may access the archives. You will need to have activated your groups.io account and set a password. Remember that all Corgi-L posts are copyrighted by the original author. … Read more

How Do I Post a Message to Corgi-L?

Send your message to all the members of the list. Posting a message to Corgi-L means that your message will be sent to everyone who has subscribed to Corgi-L. Simply send it to list@corgil.groups.io. This will go to the moderator for approval. Once approved, your post will go out to the entire list. We ask that … Read more