Why Is Corgi-L Moderated?

Corgi-L is a moderated list, all posts are reviewed prior to being sent to the list.

In order to keep spamming and flame wars to a minimum, Corgi-L is a fully moderated list. Your post will be read and approved by a moderator before it is posted. In general, all posts are approved as long as they are on-topic (Corgis) and do not contain flames, personal insults, religious proselytizing, disparaging remarks about any group or individual, etc.

One benefit of moderation is that we can also catch posts containing technical errors such as mime or HTML or list commands, or an entire Digest accidentally copied into the message! A list administrator will return your post with a note telling you how you can correct the problem.

Please note, the moderators DO NOT edit or change your postings in any way. If there’s a problem, we will forward the posting back to you and ask you to change it.