Why can’t I post e-cards to the list?

Unfortunately electronic greeting cards or e-cards are often abused all over the internet. Cards from legitimate e-cards are sometimes used to spam people directly, some […]

Why Is Corgi-L Moderated?

Corgi-L is a moderated list, all posts are reviewed prior to being sent to the list. In order to keep spamming and flame wars to a […]

Corgi-L Rules and Usage Guidelines

The List Usage Guidelines, adapted from the Corgi-L Welcome Message. These are the List Usage Guidelines, adapted from the Corgi-L Welcome Message for web navigation. […]

Why are animal rights discussions prohibited on the list?

It’s been our (long, and sometimes painful) experience that bringing animal rights topics and specific organizations and individuals into a discussion on Corgi-L is almost […]

The Nature of the List

Corgi-L is a list for corgi-Lovers, be they lovers of Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, or Corgi mixes. It provides, for people who choose […]