2022 Corgi-L List Provider Change

Updated: January 22, 2022

Groups.ioShort version

  • The Corgi-l email list has moved to groups.io on Saturday, January 22, 2022
  • Existing list members have been automatically added to the new system
  • There’s nothing you really need to do, except start sending your Corgi-L email to a new email address: list@corgil.groups.io and remove the old TAMU email address(es) from your address book.

If you are not a member of the Corgi-L email list, you can subscribe here: https://corgi-l.org/subscribe-to-corgi-l/.

Longer version

TAMU has been gracious enough to allow us to host Corgi-L on their ListServ for many years. Unfortunately, recent updates to that software have caused a fair amount of confusion and frustration all around. Several people are completely unable to post to the list. Given that we’re a guest on their system, it’s unlikely that our issues would be a priority for TAMU.

Groups.io is a commercial service started by one of the original designers of (the now-defunct) Yahoo! Groups. I’ve heard feedback from several Corgi-L members that it’s a good experience on other groups they participate in, so I’m fairly confident it’ll be a good place for Corgi-L.

Change, and transition, are hard. So we’re going to TRY to make this as smooth as possible for everyone. Your patience is appreciated for the inevitable bumps in the road.

On Saturday 1/22/2022, here’s how everyone was moved:

  • If you were getting Corgi-L as individual emails you were added to the new list and should have received an email informing you.
  • If you were getting Corgi-L in digest form you were also added, with the Digest option already selected.
  • If you were on the list but set to NOMAIL you should have received an INVITE. You’ll need to act on that invitation in order to be added.
  • No further messages will be approved to the old TAMU list – start using the Groups.io list instead.

For 99% of how everyone uses the list, very little will change. Email to an address goes to the list, the list is fully moderated, there are online archives, and so on.

The site FAQ and “How do I…” pages have been updated.

You can reach your administrators at: admin@corgil.groups.io.