Facebook Group & Rules

Corgi-L has been in existence for a very long time, first as an email list and now also as a Facebook group.

To keep spammers out, membership in the group must be approved by a moderator. Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/CorgiL and click on Join Group. You’ll be asked a couple of questions — please answer those questions! Once again, they exist to help keep out spammers and others who would attempt to abuse group membership.


One thing that sets us apart is that both the email list and Facebook groups are moderated by your administrators to keep Corgi-L a safe place for us all.

Corgi "helping" onlineThat means:

  • Do not add anyone to the group without their permission — instead, point them at the group and let them decide
  • no off-topic posts, (especially politics, and animal rights/activism)
  • let’s keep it to our two corgi breeds and corgi mixes
  • no selling or advertising of dogs, or posts in search of a breeder/pup
  • rescues needing placement or transport from legitimate club-associated or non-profit rescues is generally OK
  • no posting craigslist ads — they’re simply too prone to abuse
  • Petfinder posts are currently allowed, but this rule may change should there be too many
  • fundraising is allowed, but only for non-profit Corgi rescues and groups
  • no individual fundraising such as GoFundMe’s as there’s no objective way to verify legitimacy
  • Corgi-related “for sale” or commercial posts will be accepted only from folks who’ve been active on the Facebook page in some other personal and Corgi-related way within the past 3 months. All others will be simply deleted without notice. (Sales continue to be not allowed on the email list due to the agreement with our Listserv host, TAMU.)

Posts that violate the rules will be rejected. Comments that violate the rules will be deleted when they come to our attention. We may try to contact you via private message (PM) — that’s generally unreliable, but it’s really all we have.

If you want to do something prohibited by our rules, remember that there are a number of other Facebook groups (and other venues) that are less restrictive and may accept your posts. Our rules exist to keep Corgi-L an on-topic, friendly and safe place.

Questions, complaints, or comments? We will help! Contact the administrators via admin@corgil.groups.io.

These rules are posted on our website where they’re also kept up-to-date with any changes. Please visit https://corgi-l.org/facebook/ – You’ll find a lot more information about Corgi-L there as well.